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Passing the Baton .... A New Canvas

I have finished the race as a staff member at Teen Mania Ministries, at least for this this season. It feels good & exciting for what lies ahead. Yet the past few months knowing I was leaving has been a…Read more

A Leaf changing colors

It has been such an interesting transitional season these past few months. I feel like a leaf in the middle of 2 seasons, changing colors to fit into the next season yet still in the same season. It has been…Read more

The world around us...

We have no idea how much we depend on the world around us. God has gradually been waking me up to a glimpse of this reality. Here in America we have this world view that we can do anything we…Read more

A shakening

God has been shaking the things that are shakable so He can pour out His Spirit in newer levels. I believe God is also doing this in many others part of the Body of Christ. My School of Worship graduate…Read more