Leading worship at CCF this morning

Today I led worship at my church this morning, Community Christian Fellowship. I love my Church Body. I feel so blessed to be a part of such a great church full of wisdom, challenges, support, shepherding, families.
The first early morning service i felt a little out of it when we started worship. My heart wasn't as engaged and I was a little unfocused, still a bit tired. Yet I have learned sometimes worship is a discipline. When you just are not feeling it.. it becomes "towdah" praise... meaning a "sacrifice of praise". So i just started to declare the attributes of God proclaiming who He is to awaken my spirit. I'm sure many others in the congregation were in the same boat if i was. Many times when I'm not feeling like worshiping i will speak to my soul just as David said in the psalms... "Bless the Lord, Oh my soul, all with in me bless His Holy Name." God is soo worthy to be praise despite how we feel. Worship is not for our entertainment or pleasure but it is for God's pleasure, enjoyment, entertainment ALONE! It just so happens there is the fullness of joy in His presence that we get to take a part of.
The second service during worship felt much more engaged and I felt more in tune with the direction the spirit wanted to lead us in worship. Today was palm sunday so we sang "Hosanna" and reminded our hearts  that just as the Israelites laid palm branches down before Jesus, riding on a donkey declaring "Hosanna" "come save us" as their Savior King, Jesus is one day coming back to return for His Bride. So we sang as well once again to Jesus, "Hosanna" ... "Come Save Us" .... "He's coming on the clouds with fire...."
Oh what a glorious day it will be!!

Worship... it is life!

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