A Leaf changing colors

It has been such an interesting transitional season these past few months. I feel like a leaf in the middle of 2 seasons, changing colors to fit into the next season yet still in the same season. It has been hard to come to grasp that I am leaving this place, Teen Mania, a place that I love dearly and have devoted 7 years of my life to. The School of Worship, is such a precious treasure that the Lord has given me the privilege to birth at Teen Mania. It may sound a bit silly but I feel like a mother to it and I have so much vision yet to see this prosper and grow further than ever before. Yet God is not calling me to take it further, but hand the baton on and let go. I feel confident in the people that will carry it further. I am so proud of those that have embraced this vision as if it was their own. I feel each person has a piece of my heart that will carry it on.
My church, CCF, is incredible. I am going to miss my church body so much! They have been such an encouragement & support to me. I don't think I have truly realized the amount of amazing people I have around me here. I think that is why Paul Baloche is still so plugged in to this church even though he travels around the world, he still has a church body to come home to that know him & support him. Wow, I am going to miss it. 

At the same time, I am changing colors. My heart yearns for a nation that is so new to me yet of my roots. NORWAY. New Vision. New Birth. New Life. An uncharted territory for me yet to be embarked upon. I feel a bit blind folded with what this will exactly look like. God is truly teaching me a new level of trust. 

My plans have changed a bit. I am leaving Teen Mania August 31st and then taking a time of rest, fundraising, & seeking God's face for a couple months in Baton Rouge, LA at my spiritual parents' home. Then in November I will lead the School of Worship trip to Norway. December, I am heading back to Iowa, my home, to invest in my family. Then the plan is January to launch into this next season raising up the worshippers in Norway! I feel that God is saying it is not going to look the way I think. So I have open hands ready for the Lord to give & take away as He pleases.

After the leaf changes colors, it has to die so winter can come. Only after that, Spring arises & new life springs up.  It is interesting that the 2 transitional seasons that God has created are the most beautiful seasons of them all. So in my spiritual season of Fall, may the Lord's beauty shine through & may He be glorified! 

Sit Enthroned- from my EP This Season

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