Norway- Stå opp! Time to stand strong. 


I have been in prayer for my nation, Norway, a lot in these last months. I have been asking God, what is Norway´s role in the global picture right now.  As it is hard to judge with the physical eyes, I need to see through God´s heart and hear what He is saying even if it is different from what I see around me. I try to keep myself aware of the things happening in different nations as well as hearing about what God is doing in the world from friends living in other countries. The news from the media can be depressing at times and I believe we need to listen more to what the news rooms of Heaven are saying. I believe we are living in a very significant time to be engaging with Heaven and agreeing with what God is saying right now in our prayers. God is doing some great things and inviting us to be a part of it if we choose to be awake and ask Him. Our prayer life is so important to be aligned with the Father´s will and not our will. So I have been asking, “God, what is your will for Norway right now? What are you doing in Norway? How should I pray?” 

Last month I felt like I got a clearer picture on how to pray. I have waited on the Lord if I am to do anything with it besides just pray myself.  But I felt the time is now to release it and invite others to pray with me in this and maybe others also have further revelation that God is showing them to contribute. I share this with the fear of God and pray that it comes across how the Lord wants it. I pray that your spiritual eyes be open as you read it so we can pray together for God´s purposes in Norway. 

I was praying with another worship missionary friend who God also has sent to Norway and we were asking God these questions about Norway´s purpose right now. I saw a picture of “the sleeping giant” that I have heard prophesied a lot over the years about Norway. And this giant was rising and the dirt that had completely covered him was falling off him. As the dirt was falling off, hidden treasure that he was lying on was being uncovered. Many of these treasures lied in unexpected and overlooked places in Norway. 

As the sleeping giant awoke, he stood up and just stood still. He had a spear in his hand. He didn’t fight, he just stood strong unwaveringly. There was a roar from the nations, pressuring Norway to give in and bow to certain issues. But Norway just stood strong and did not bow.  I felt God tell me to pray for Norway to have a strong backbone in this time and to stand strong against difficult pressures from other nations. I noticed in this picture the giant wasn’t fighting, it wasn’t yelling back, it just stood strong, was awake and didn´t move. 

Earlier in the fall a Norwegian friend mentioned to me lightly, that Norwegians are in some ways like the Hobbits from the movie “Lord of the Rings”, living simple, peaceful and quiet lives.

I thought right away of that scripture in 1 Timothy 2:2 :
“Pray this way for kings and all who are in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity."

I thought this was an interesting thought, so we decided to watch the movie together. As I watched I felted the Lord really open my eyes to more of this parallel. If you have seen the movie you know that there are different races: the elves, the dwarfs, the men, the wizard, and the Hobbits. Each “people group” had a unique purpose to the main mission and they needed one another to accomplish it. The hobbits were very much living simply, comfortably and almost unaware of the war happening outside their community. And Gandalf saw this “people group” as endearing and wanted to protect their culture and way of living, as there wasn´t so many places on earth like it left. There were a few Hobbits that bravely took up the mission of transporting the ring. No other race was able to carry the ring because they would have been overcome by greed and the desire for control. It was only the Hobbits that were entrusted with such great a task.    

After I watched the movie I felt a great reverence and awe for this nation. Growing up in an American culture, I am used to the pioneering attitude and being ready to fight for things and push things further. We have our own cultural values and purposes. But Norway, I gained a new respect for. I felt God say, “Norway is mine.” There are treasures from the culture and precious values that reflect God´s ways that are rare in this world that God is wanting to protect but also use mightily in this time. 

There is a treasure in the Norwegian people and in the values that I believe when challenged, Norway will stand up, stand strong and not compromise. I believe God wants to use this nation on the global stage to be a great blessing to the world. But we need to pray for Norway. We need to pray for our leaders and those in authority to align with God´s purposes in this time.  It´s time for Norway to arise and shine. 

So I just want to invite you to pray with me for Norway. Can we just pray together right now as you read this. 

Father, we thank You that You are good and You are faithful. Thank You that You reveal Your heart to those who seek it. Thank You for inviting us to partner with You and what You are doing. And we specifically lift Norway up to You right now. We ask that you send your Holy Spirit mightily upon this nation. Breathe your breath of life upon this nation. Wake up the sleeping giant!! Wake us up and help us turn from the things that lullaby us to sleep. Open our eyes to see You Father and Your purpose for us right now. God, we pray for the church & Body in Norway, that she will arise and shine Your glory. Give her the longing and desire for more of Your power and presence to be displayed and lived out.  May the hunger and thirst for righteousness increase.  Give the church a strong backbone to not waver or compromise. We pray for those in authority on all levels: our Prime Minister, those in parliament, leaders in each region and community, for different departments of leadership. God may You lead them and give them wisdom when leading this nation. Holy Spirit, may You lead Norway. Breathe upon our leaders. Give them a strong backbone to stand strong.  Father, may the light of Your face shine upon us so we can shine Your glory to the world. Show each of us individually in this nation what we can do, how we can live for You right now. Wake up our hearts to Your purposes to partner with You in this time. We pray this in Jesus´ might name. AMEN   

Thank you for praying with me. I also want to share this song with you I wrote many years ago when praying over Norway. God has been reminding me recently to start singing this song over the land again and to declare His promises. He has not forgotten them.  It is time to shine, Norway! Join with me as we sing over Norway! <3   

Again I want to encourage also anyone else who has more revelation on this to share. 

If you are from another nation I would love to know how is God leading you right now to pray for your country through His heart? If you don't know, I encourage you to start praying and asking the Father how to pray for your nation. Ask the Father to see the treasure of your nation and what He wants you to partner with to release from Heaven to Earth. 

Click below to see the most recent lyric video of the song, "Norway"