I don't deserve my spouse

Early in my single years I used to have a list, yes “the list.” Anyone else have a list of the qualities you desire to have in a spouse? I would pray for the man I would one day marry…

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Where did all the love songs go?

Where Did All the Love Songs Go?

A friend of mine shared with me how he was asking God about why we see so many divorces and twisted views on marriage and relationships and he felt God's response was that…

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Are you STILL waiting for Mr./Ms. Right?

Are you STILL waiting for Mr./Ms. Right? 


It's not the funnest place to be in, especially when you are specifically waiting for a spouse; and not just anyone but the right one. I think the female gender has…

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Passing the Baton .... A New Canvas

I have finished the race as a staff member at Teen Mania Ministries, at least for this this season. It feels good & exciting for what lies ahead. Yet the past few months knowing I was leaving has been a…Read more

Prophetic Vision for Norway: mirrors

 I feel the Lord wants me to share this prophetic vision the Lord showed me during a worship service at a Prayer Conference in Harstad November 2009, the first time I stepped foot in Norway.

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