From the golden fields of Iowa to living in the fjords of Norway, Singer/Songwriter, Mary Elizabeth Kolsrud is touching many lives with her music. 

Mary Elizabeth is known to be a positive, cutting-edge voice to the nations, the church, & this generation with her music and songwriting. She wrote & released the song “Norway”, several months before a devastating time of loss for the nation in 2011. The song was listened to by thousands across the world and gave hope and encouragement to Norway while hearing God’s heart sung over them in such a timely manner. 

Some of her songs such as “Sit Enthroned” & “Resonate” recorded on her last EP and The School of Worship Album have been sung in stadiums & churches across America & Norway. In previous years, Mary Elizabeth worked with a youth organization formerly known as Acquire the Fire (based in Lindale, Texas) where she was a part of starting the School of Worship along side of world-renown music artist, Paul Baloche. 

Now Mary Elizabeth leads the ministry, Disciples of Worship & works with Sounds of the Nations as the director for Scandinavia in Norway. Not only as an artist and songwriter, but as a teacher and minister she empowers others in their music, life-calling and spiritual life. 

With her new album release: Live Love Dream, Mary Elizabeth pulls on the heartstrings of love, celebrating romance, relationships, making right choices, and waiting for the right one. In a culture where music is carrying many negative messages about love, this album is a breath of fresh air- giving people of all ages love songs to listen to with good values. 

Mary Elizabeth is a voice especially to a younger generation, showing that true love is worth the wait. As a newlywed, this album was inspired by her own personal season of waiting & finding love. Her Norwegian husband, Ole Martin, also appears singing on a few songs of the album. Some of her songs such as “The Promise” & “A Dance” have been played and sung in several weddings. This album has a similar acoustic, pop sound compared to artists Colbie Caillat, Taylor Swift & Sara Bareilles.

Mary Elizabeth has traveled with musicians taking her music & message to places in Europe such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, France as well as Australia, Kenya and across America. With a heart full of love for people, nations and God’s Presence, there’s no doubt Mary Elizabeth and her husband, Ole Martin are going to leave impact on this world.